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Family Fun

In addition to all the great music and food, there are lots of kid-friendly activities, so everyone will have a great time at Gator By the Bay!

Family participation is encouraged. United by a love of food, outdoor fun, music and dance – attendees bring friends, dates, co-workers, family, children, parents, grandchildren and grandparents. Kids 17 and under are admitted FREE of charge when accompanied by a paid adult.

Kids will enjoy the music, color, spirit and activities of the festival.  All areas of the festival are open to children and most of those attending will boogie, jump, and hop to the various bands.

Parade_200All are free to roam and enjoy the treasures and pleasures of this Louisiana inspired festival. Relax and have a good time… this is what it’s all about. There is space for kids – of any age – to roll down a “hill”, stretch out, watch clouds, eat corn-on-the-cob and dance.

Dance! Warning:  The music at Gator By The Bay is highly infectious, and has been known to cause uncontrollable urges to dance! We encourage kids and families to get out on the dance floor and join in the joy. There are even free dance lessons! As they say in Louisiana: “allons danser!”, i.e. “everybody dance!”

Families Feel Comfortable in Our Secure Fenced-In Park

DanP_Steve Sloan1

Whether your family wants to soak up the sun or have it made in the shade, there’s plenty of space throughout the festival to roam around or settle in as you choose. The entire site is fenced and has ample security with radio-connected staff ready to lend a hand if ever needed. So feel free to grab a couple of our straw bales, throw down a beach towel, or bring your chairs to set-up under a tree, and stake out a home base for your family time at Gator by the Bay.

IMG_1580_GatorGreet a Friendly Gator and Crawfish, or Be Entranced by a Live Music Box Figurine. When was the last time your kids shook hands with a 7 foot tall ‘gator or bright red crawfish? You never know who they’ll find to play with at Gator By the Bay!



Put Your Best Face Forward Glitter, greasepaint and adorable faces— who doesn’t love having their face painted with beautiful designs?