Free Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons are always happening at the Bon Temps Social Club Dance Pavilion

If you’re smiling, you’re doing it right. It’s a Bon Temps way of life!
It doesn’t really matter if you can’t dance, might dance or just plain won’t dance, as long as you’re having fun!

But, just in case you want to shake, shimmy or stomp your feet in other than free-style, there will be free lessons by some of the finest dance instructors in the country to help guide your feet into the rhythms of various styles of dance. The Bon Temps Social Club’s No Fault Dance Policy will be enforced.  The rule is: If you’re smiling, you’re doing it right.  If your dance partner is also smiling – everyone is having fun!

Below are a few of our talented dance instructors.  Our full 2017 schedule of dance lessons and roster of dance instructors will be announced soon!

Greg Benusa
Greg BenusaSan Diego
Greg Benusa has been teaching Zydeco, Cajun and Waltz as well other dances for over 15 years and hosted a weekly Zydeco dance for many years. He has recorded 4 Cajun & Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD’s which are available through and continues to teach across the country as well his home base in San Diego. Greg also regularly updates a Zydeco blog called Zydeco Talk.
He recently released a website where he shares basic Zydeco accordion lessons from what he has learned over the years. For lessons or workshops he can be contacted at (619) 857-8409.
Ted Sherrod
Ted SherrodSan Francisco
Zydeco Ted travels extensively to Texas/Louisiana; teaches basic Louisiana style Zydeco in New Orleans and has taught at numerous venues throughout Northern California as well as Simi Valley, Long Beach and Gator By The Bay Festivals.

He has a smooth Creole style which is great to observe and looks like a Zydeco dancer from Louisiana or Texas in comparison to a dance teacher from out of state who learned and started to teach Zydeco at a later point.

Pat & Janice Muller
Pat & Janice MullerSan Diego
Pat Muller has been dancing for over 25 Years. He believes that it’s all about having fun. His philosophy is “No Fault Dancing” where there are no stumbles, only new moves!
AJ Gibbs
AJ GibbsLong Beach
Health & wealth coach at 90 for Life – FDI Youngevity Inc. and CEO & Founder at Zydeco Dance Instructor.
Erin Brandt
Erin BrandtSan Francisco
Erin Brandt, has taught dance for over 20 years in many areas of the U.S., including Florida, Alabama, DC, NYC, Washington, Seattle, Portland, Southern CA and the SF Bay Area. She’s danced live on the Fox and ABC Networks. Erin cannot help her passion for dance from spilling onto the teaching floor. She has a gift for infusing her students with laughter, teaching with ease, and bringing out the joy of dancing together. Erin uses her background in Movement Therapy to explain to her students how to get the styling and movement out of their bodies and onto the dance floor. She teaches with great insight, respect, and just the right blend of sensitivity and provocation.