Taste of Louisiana Cooking Demos

Want to learn how to prepare some of those Louisiana goodies?  On Saturday and Sunday, stop by the Taste of Louisiana Food Demo Tent and learn the secrets of Southern cooking. Chef Jack Gambrell, and Chef and Professor Michael Fitzgerald of San Diego Mesa College Culinary Arts Department will be doing cooking demos and providing professional instruction in preparing favorite Southern specialties … with samples. With celebrity chef Nathan Richard from Louisiana!

Taste of Louisiana Cooking Demos are brought to you by the Louisiana Seafood Board.

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Featuring Louisiana Executive Chef Nathan Richard of the eye-popping, uptown New Orleans restaurant, Cavan.


The Chefs relate the origin of each dish and the culture from which it evolved.   Just how does Cajun differ from Creole in the kitchen?   Why sassafras? What goes into the “trinity”? What dishes came from the Native Americans, the French, the West Africans, the Spanish?

Saturday, May 13 Sunday, May 14
Full Schedule 2017 to be announced
It is certain to include beignets, jambalaya, gumbo, pralines and much more!

Learn how to cook Cajun & Creole delicacies in the Taste of Louisiana Food Demo Tent. Credit: Dan Prychun.

Sample Pralines anyone?
Credit: Dan Prychun.