About Us

Gator By The Bay is the annual festival of The Bon Temps Social Club of San Diego, a California 501-C3 public benefit corporation. As dancers we appreciate some elements that others may overlook.  We love big dance floors.  We appreciate a shaded space to dance. We love dance-able music. And we love to introduce others to the music we love.

The Bon Temps Social Club of San Diego was established with its first dance on Valentine’s Day in 1991 to spread the love of Louisiana Cajun dancing to the San Diego community. Since that time the music has changed to include Creole zydeco in its various forms, and San Diego has embraced the Louisiana music and culture wholeheartedly. The Bon Temps Social Club of San Diego was incorporated as a California Public Benefit Corporation in April 2001. It is recognized by the IRS as a 501c(3) not for profit organization. It is a member organization of the International Dance Association (IDA) of San Diego County.

Other popular San Diego dance events have been spawned by the Bon Temps Social Club. Every 2nd Saturday the club sponsors a dance with live music in Balboa Park, we sponsor a stage with dancefloor  and 2 full days of music each year for December Nights.

Established in 2001, Gator By the Bay has grown in popularity and has evolved to include blues, country and many other musical genres. It attracts more than 18,000 people each year in the second week of May including Mother’s Day weekend.  Music lovers come from the far reaches of the United States and across the world. The volunteer efforts of over two hundred Bon Temps regulars are key to putting on this multi-faceted event.

The calendar pages of Bon Temps Social Club website lists events including Gator By The Bay Cajun-Zydeco, Blues and Crawfish Festival, local public concerts featuring local Cajun-zydeco bands, as well as regional and national Cajun-zydeco dance events. Check it out to further explore many organizations, bands, and venues which sustain the Louisiana-style music scene and culture.